All Aboard for Roger's Railyard District

April 27, 2021


All Aboard for Roger's Railyard District

NWA Daily

Today, Rogers City Council will be proposing a new entertainment district for the downtown area - the “Railyard Entertainment District”.  

Quote: “We’ve been working on the Railyard Park for several years now, and as soon as the Arkansas legislature allowed for entertainment districts to be formed in Arkansas. It just makes sense that people can have a drink and then walk over to a concert,” said Raymond Burns, CEO of the Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce.

None shall pass: The proposed boundaries for the district are set to run from Chestnut street to Cherry street. Within the boundaries, you’ll be able to carry drinks from participating bars, breweries, or restaurants so you won't have to do the awkward chug-and-exit when it's time to go.

Local brewery, Ozark Beer Co is pumped - we're "super excited it’s a big piece of the overall transformation that’s taken place since we’ve been here." You can read the full article HERE.

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