Arkansas Athletic Achievements

February 19, 2021


Arkansas Athletic Achievements

NWA Daily (Bud Walton Arena, Fayetteville)

Following a year of setbacks in 2020, the Arkansas Razorbacks are back in action and better than ever. This week, 13 Arkansas sports teams ranked in the Top 25 in the nation, while others maintained perfect records and are scoring major SEC wins. Here are a few highlights:

  • Women's Track & Field #1 AND Women's Cross Country #1
  • Men's Track & Field #2 AND Men's Cross Country #3
  • Gymnastics #5
  • Women's Soccer #7
  • Men's Baseball #8
  • Women's Golf #13
  • Women's Basketball #18 AND Men's Basketball #24
  • Softball #20
  • Swimming & Diving #20
  • Men's Golf #25
  • Women's Tennis: (5-0) Spring Record AND Men's Tennis (6-2) Spring Record
  • Volleyball: 4 Straight SEC wins
  • OVERALL GPA FOR FALL 2020: 3.2

It truly is hard to be humble...

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