Arkansas Virus Cases are Lowest in US (per capita)

April 14, 2021


Arkansas Virus Cases are Lowest in US (per capita)

Arkansas Department of Health

Recent data from Johns Hopkins University showed that Arkansas' number of new coronavirus cases per capita during the past two weeks is now the lowest in the nation. Specifically, Arkansas has about 72.6 new cases per 100,000 residents, ranking lowest in the US.

  • Listen to the data talk: The Arkansas Department of Health reported 332,053 total cases since the onset of the pandemic, with 5,661 deaths due to COVID-19. According to the Johns Hopkins data, the average number of deaths in Arkansas over the last two weeks has fallen from 7.7 per day to 3.8.

  • Are we out of the woods? No. Arkansas will need to ramp up vaccine distribution in order to reach herd immunity, said Ray Hanley, CEO of The Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care.

  • Local news: Benton County has had a total of 28,352 confirmed cases since the pandemic began. Washington County is slightly higher at 30,397 confirmed cases. However, neither county has had a covid related death in the past 3 days.

However, neither county had a covid related death in the past 3 days

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