Arts One Presents Its Debuting Play, Romeo & Juliet

March 11, 2022


Arts One Presents Its Debuting Play, Romeo & Juliet

Arts One Presents

A classic love story is going to hit the stage in April, but this time it’s with a twist. 

  • Season’s start: Arts One Presents has announced its spring play, and inaugural performance debut, to be Romeo + Juliet. The performance will feature local community members and take place at Likewise, an adapted, industrial reuse space in Fayetteville. The show dates are April 20-24
  • Transitioning through time: The play will use the traditional script, but all the design and aesthetic choices have been reimagined to fit a more modern time period. It is described as “a refreshing take on one of the oldest and most cherished love stories of all time.” 

Click HERE for tickets and more info. 

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