As NWA Grows, Housing Market Tightens?

January 20, 2021

NWA Real Estate

As NWA Grows, Housing Market Tightens?

NWA Daily

According to local realtors, the housing climate right now is very much a seller's market. However, as many homes are being sold the same day as they are listed, others are expressing concerns over the pandemic.

  • Mike Warner, President of the NWA Board of Realtors says that although more people are moving to the area, many residents are afraid to put their house on the market because they are worried they won't be able to find one. -KNWA/Fox24
  • Warner also mentioned that contractors can't build homes fast enough to match pace with the influx of people, and some are having supply issues.
  • 2021 is already forecasted to be an unpredictable year for buyers, with housing costs estimated to rise around 8 percent due to this high demand.

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