Barking Brewery

October 1, 2021

Food & Drink

Barking Brewery

Ozark Beer Company

Alright you dog people, have you ever wished you could take your pup into the bar?? Well, wish no longer. 

  • Something for everyone: The Ozark Beer Company is currently preparing a new location inside of Rope Hounds in Bentonville. The new dog-friendly taproom will feature small batch, and eventually pilot batches of tap-room only draught year round. 
  • Hand crafted: Rope Hounds is a local pet supply store right off the square in Bentonville that makes things like dog leases and collars by hand, in-store. Ozark Beer at Rope Hounds is set to open later this fall to you and your furry friends.

For updates, follow their IG HERE

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