Beauty in Eye of Beholder

June 29, 2021


Beauty in Eye of Beholder

NWA Daily

Ozark Natural Foods Co-Op was recently recognized as World Architects building of the week. Fayetteville based Modus Studio recently shed some light on how its vision for the space has introduced a new staple for the downtown Fayetteville area.

  • New vibes: After the closing of an old grocery store, ONF saw its opportunity to influence Fayetteville from a new, more centralized location. Commissioning Modus Studio, the new Co-Op building welcomes everyone from longtime residents to college-aged shoppers.
  • Locally sourced: The architects used local and pre-existing elements in its remodel of the store, going so far as to change a parking lot into the biggest front porch in the city. With 32,400 square feet, the store invites the community to eat local, healthy produce from a local, sustainable space.

Find out more about the influences and vision of the ONF project HERE.

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