Benton County Most Charitable County in the US

January 7, 2021


Benton County Most Charitable County in the US

NWA Daily

If you've ever found yourself away from home or on vacation thinking, "You can't beat the people in Arkansas, they're the best," you may be onto something. According to a report released by tech company SmartAsset, Benton County is actually the most generous county in the US.

  • The study is calculates how much county residents donate compared to their net income and the proportion of the population that makes charitable donations. The company also uses data from the IRS to determine how much of the county makes charitable donations.
  • Benton County's contributions as a percentage of income was 11.3%, while 9.1% of returns included itemized charitable contributions. Pulaski County 2.2% contribution rate as a percentage of income landed it the No. 267 spot in the US, but No. 2 in Arkansas. -Talk Business & Politics

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