Bentonville City Council Plans to Hold Bond Election

February 9, 2021

Local Government

Bentonville City Council Plans to Hold Bond Election

NWA Daily

The City of Bentonville is considering asking residents to approve up to $266 million in bonds for capital projects by extending a 1% city sales tax through a bond election on April 13. The City Council will discuss the possibility of the election in a meeting tomorrow, Feb. 9.

  • The proposed bond money for parks will help fund the 8th Street Gateway Park; The park would connect via trail to Coler Mountain Bike Preserve, Osage Park, 28th Street Park and Citizens Park. -NWA Democrat-Gazette
  • Voters will be asked to approve capital projects such as $160 million for streets, $30 million for parks and recreation, $18 million to address drainage issues, $6 million for radio communications, $4.5 million for library expansion, $3.5 million for a fire training facility and $1.4 million for a police training facility, according to the city.
  • Council Member Octavio Sanchez said their biggest hurdle will be roads, and that the city's street infrastructure is insufficient to move the tens of thousands of people who need to travel though the city.
  • Eighty percent of the revenue raised by the city's 1% city sales tax goes to repay bonds and 20% goes to ongoing capital needs. The 1% sales tax would expire in 2046, and the tax would bring in approximately $15 million a year. -NWA Democrat-Gazette

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