Bentonville Restaurants Upending Southern Food Status Quo

February 25, 2022

Restaurant News

Bentonville Restaurants Upending Southern Food Status Quo

NWA Daily

Current southern food trends are upending the status quo, according to a Forbes article. 3 Bentonville restaurants received a shoutout for exploring trends in health and wellness in their southern meals and hospitality. 

  • Food to life: Sunny’s on 2nd St. in Bentonville harnesses the nutrition in the foods it serves to nurture patrons' bodies and minds. Along with good food, Sunny’s offers wellness spaces for education, connection, and community empowerment. 
  • From the ground: The Preacher’s Son and The Hive have both also been leading the way by emphasizing that food with local produce and supplies are not only healthy but delicious. When flavors are tied to the community in the South, food experiences are even more meaningful. 

Read the full article HERE

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