Bentonville School Board Approves Wage Increases

December 18, 2020


Bentonville School Board Approves Wage Increases

The Bentonville School Board approved pay raises for certain workers in a series of votes Tuesday, increasing the school district's costs by $500,000 per year. -Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

  • When the school district partnered with SSC Service Solutions, which provides custodial services for the district's 25 schools, starting pay was $3 above minimum wage. Minimum wage has increased since then and will increase again in January, essentially eliminating the difference between what SSC employees make and the minimum wage.
  • This has made it harder to attract and keep people in those positions. Joe Quinn, a board member, said the pay increases the board approved Tuesday reflect a very competitive job market that continually puts pressure on the district's budget. -Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

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