Bigger and Better

August 14, 2021

Regional News

Bigger and Better

NWA Daily

For more than a decade, NWA has seen massive and seemingly unstoppable growth. In fact, the city of Fayetteville passed Fort Smith to become the second largest city in the state.

  • City of attractions: Fayetteville, along with the rest of the region, has seen double digit percentage growth since 2010. People have been moving from across the state and country to experience all the things that make NWA a "great place to live, work, and play."
  • A look at the numbers: Benton and Washington Counties grew 28.4% and 21% respectively in the last ten years, bringing over 105k new neighbors to the region. Fayetteville's population increased to more than 93k.

Find more about the 2020 census numbers HERE.

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