Breakthrough for the Breakaway

June 3, 2021


Breakthrough for the Breakaway

NWA Daily

Lineus Medical, a Fayetteville-based startup, announced yesterday that it received FDA approval to sell its first medical device, SafeBreak Vascular.

  • IV safety: SafeBreak allows for IV's to have a release valve that if there were ever an opposing "pulling" force it would disconnect from the drip line and protect the patient and the equipment. You can find a demonstration here.
  • Long road: Going from concept to market through FDA approval takes 3 to 7 years. Spencer Jones founded the Company in 2015 and has since been navigating and adhering to the intense FDA guidelines to bring SafeBreak Vascular to market.

Quote: Spencer Jones, the founder, said this is "No doubt the biggest milestone to date for our company". If you want to learn more about this breakthrough for Lineus and its SafeBreak technology, you can read the full article HERE.

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