Round of Applause

July 20, 2021

Sponsored by Northwest Health

Round of Applause

Northwest Health

Not sure anyone has worked harder over the past year than the healthcare industry. Keeping NWA in good health is not always easy, but can certainly be rewarding.

  • In good hands: Northwest Health recently released its 2020 Community Report, quantifying just how much good was done last year.
  • Proof in the numbers: With 5 hospital locations and over 750 employees in the region, NW Health saw over 450k patients, provided $115mm worth of charity and uncompensated care and paid $11mm in taxes that support critical infrastructure in 2020.
  • Quote: "We care deeply about our community and remain steadfast in our commitment to deliver safe, quality healthcare services."

You can find the the full 2020 Community Report HERE.

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