September 2, 2021

Sponsored by The Peel Compton Foundation


Peel Compton Foundation

Alright Robin Hoods and Katniss Everdeens, it’s your time to shine at the new archery range in Bentonville. 

  • Bows and arrows: The Quiver Archery Range in Osage Park is set to open Wed, Sept. 29. There will be opportunity to do archery by the hour, participate in individual programs, or be a member with a starting cost of $100/yr .
  • Pro or no pro: Whether you just want the basics, or you dream of being a certified archer, The Quiver has a program for you. It will be open 11a-5p and is located at 1701 SE F St. in Bentonville.

Check out programs and memberships HERE.

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