Chalk That Up As a Win

April 23, 2021


Chalk That Up As a Win

Despite the challenges of 2020, Priority Bank out of Fayetteville had a solid run, generating the highest Return on Assets out of any of the 29 privately held banks in Northwest Arkansas.

  • ROA: Return on Assets is a measure (used primarily in banking) of the efficiency of a company at generating income with the assets on its balance sheet represented as a percentage of income to assets. The higher the percentage, the more profit there is per $ of assets. Priority Bank's ROA was 2.21%.

  • Second place was First Security Bank with a 1.91% ROA, and Citizens Bank & Trust took bronze with a 1.57% ROA. You can view the full list of ROAs of all privately and publicly held regional banks, here.

Want to know more? You can find the full article HERE.

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