Circles NWA Creating Cycles of Change

March 23, 2021


Circles NWA Creating Cycles of Change

Positive change is in the works for disadvantaged communities in NWA. KUAF's Community Spotlight caught up with Christina Williams, founder of Circles NWA to discuss the game-changing program that is fighting poverty in the region and giving others a second chance to reach their goals.

  • Circles NWA is a community-driven program that works to increase upward mobility for individuals and families in poverty in NWA. The program uses an 18 month plan which matches "Allies" with "Circle Leaders" who then come together to increase income and move forward toward economic stability.

  • Based on the national Circles®USA model, the Circles program builds intentional relationships (social capital) across socioeconomic lines that help open up long-term pathways for economic mobility and self-sufficiency.

  • How you can participate: Circles NWA is in search of both Allies and Circle Leaders (those motivated to move out of poverty) to come participate in the program. Interested in applying? Get involved as an ally HERE and as a Circle Leader HERE.

  • Other great news: Homelessness is on the decline in Arkansas, according to recent reports. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development reports that homelessness decreased by almost 13% in Arkansas in 2019, despite the nation-wide increase in homelessness this year. -KNWA/Fox24

We love a good, uplifting story - you and listen to the full report HERE

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