City of Fayetteville Issues Updated Health Guidelines

November 17, 2020


City of Fayetteville Issues Updated Health Guidelines

Fayetteville's Board of Health suggested new guidelines last week in efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

  • Info - Residents should limit all gatherings to no more than 10 people from no more than two households. This includes gatherings within the home. "The new guidelines suggest not only wearing masks and social distancing when in public, but also at gatherings in homes and even when outside at home." - FayettevilleFlyer
  • It is an important to note these are recommendations and no penalty or punishment will be enforced for not following these recommendations.
  • "Active statewide cases reached 14,491 on Thursday, which is an 85% increase over the same time last month when active cases were at 7,839. In the previous three months, active cases ranged from about 5,700 to 6,700.
    Locally, Washington County currently has 1,160 active cases and Benton County has 1,319." - FayettevilleFlyer

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