Community Watering Hole

August 5, 2021

Sponsored by Bella Vista POA

Community Watering Hole

Bella Vista POA

With nearly 100 miles of trail in Bella Vista, having a place to stop is key. Located near the trailhead of the Back 40 trail system and in Blowing Springs Park is a special stop with one of a kind beer.

  • Beer Garden: The Gear Garden, which had its grand opening last week, is officially open for business, stocked with special edition Trailhead Lager by Bentonville Brewing Co.
  • Time to chill: Open from 2p-dusk Wednesday-Sunday, this spot might have some of the best Ozark vibes in the region for an early happy hour. We won't tell the boss.

Learn more about the Gear Garden and the trail system around it HERE.

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