"Creativity as Resilience" in NWA w/ OZCast

March 30, 2021

Arts & Culture

"Creativity as Resilience" in NWA w/ OZCast

NWA Daily (Rogers, AR)

OZCast was created during the pandemic as a platform for local artist. The organization helps provide a media form for Northwest Arkansas creative an outlet to produce their craft.

  • What is it exactly? OZCast is a "creative variety show that celebrates local, regional and national artists from various backgrounds, and who work across a broad multidisciplinary spectrum."

  • In a recent interview, Project Manager and Editor, Lisa Marie Evans, and Director Mario Troncoso joined I Am Northwest Arkansas to discuss the program and it's purpose for the region. Troncoso and Evans agree that there is nothing quite like NWA right now, especially when it comes fine arts and content creation.

  • "I have had a PBS show for eight years. Make hundreds of documentaries with several artists... To create content like this during the pandemic where people got relief funds to create content was pretty unique. And that's why it has been a success, and I think we will continue to do that over the next few years," Troncoso said.

  • What is their long term goal? OZCast would like to eventually broadcast the show and end up on TV. Additionally, more programs will be provided with tools and training for artists. "We will have a lending library for people who want to create content, and we are going to provide training, so we will be doing lots of various classes. So that's going to build on what we are doing," Troncoso said.

You can learn more about OZCast by listen to the full podcast episode HERE.

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