Dickson Street Parking Deck Approved by City

March 19, 2021


Dickson Street Parking Deck Approved by City

NWA Daily (Arsaga's; Fayetteville - future home of the new parking deck)

On Tuesday night, Fayetteville City Council finally made a decision on a new parking deck going into downtown Fayetteville. The new parking deck located on Dickson Street is part of a larger process of redevelopment known as the Cultural Arts Corridor project.

  • The contract was tossed around for months, but finally received the green-light by city officials in a 6-1 vote. In 2019, Fayetteville voters approved a $31.6 million bond package for the arts corridor, including $10 million for a parking deck that will replace the parking spaces across from the Walton Arts Center. The surface parking currently there is where an outdoor park and civic plaza are planned. -Fayetteville Flyer

  • However, the measure clearly stated that the land transformation could not begin until all 290 parking spaces were replaced and ready for use. The contract is for the purchase of a one-half acre that's known as the Depot Lot, which is situated across Dickson where the train bank and Arsaga’s at the Depot are located.

  • Most of the ground floor of the deck will be commercial space. A portion of the ground floor; however, will be reserved for a city police substation. The developers will also have the option to build two additional stories on top of the deck for their own use and at their own expense. -Fayetteville Flyer

  • Fayetteville Food Hall: As part of this transaction, the City also plans for developers to build the "Fayetteville Food Hall", a four-story building envisioned to house multiple culinary experiences, including options for morning, lunch, evening and after-hours dining.

Read more about the decision and development plans HERE.

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