Did Someone Say... Concert Series... in 2021?

February 11, 2021


Did Someone Say... Concert Series... in 2021?

City of Rogers; Railyard Park

You heard right. If you're someone who has a concert-sized hole in your heart after a year of quarantine, you're not alone. The City of Rogers has recently announced that the under-construction Butterfield Stage at Railyard Park is gearing up for the 2021 Concert Series.

  • If you're looking to put in your two cents about who you want to see perform at the stage, fill out this form.
  • Anna Watson, the city's arts and culture coordinator, said the tentative plan for Butterfield Stage at Railyard Park is to have several concerts from late April through October. Some will be free while some will require paid tickets, she said. - NWA Democrat-Gazette
  • The City of Rogers entered a one-year, $150,000 contract with Crowne Group in Fayetteville for event marketing and programming for the new stage. Brian Crowne of Crowne Group also owns George's Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville and is the VP of Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion in Rogers.
  • "This would be a turn-key style contract. We feel very confident in Brian's unique ability to build a great music experience from top to bottom," Watson said. - NWA Democrat Gazette

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