Back Porch Vibes

July 24, 2021

Sponsored by Bella Vista POA

Back Porch Vibes

NWA Daily

Bella Vista's natural beauty, rapidly expanding trail system, and lakes make it an oasis for those that love the outdoors. But did you know Bella Vista POA also operates several restaurants?

  • What a view: Overlooking Loch Lomond with a great vantage point for sunset, Lakepoint restaurant in Bella Vista might offer one of the best views of any restaurant in NWA.
  • Surf and turf: The menu features a variety of options, from seafood to pasta to your classic sandwiches. In addition to diverse cuisine, Lakepoint has a happy hour with a wide selection of drinks Wed - Sat from 3-6p.

Check out all the restaurant has to offer HERE.

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