Double Trouble

June 18, 2021


Double Trouble

NWA Daily

The University of Arkansas has partnered with Springdale-based NOWDiagnostics Inc. to research the prevalence of COVID-19 antibodies in the university's population. The study, launched in March, spells trouble for the virus.

  • On the hunt: The ADEXUSDx COVID-19 antibody test is a finger-prick test, that can detect COVID-19 antibodies in a blood sample within fifteen minutes. The results gathered from this technology will be used to track how the prevalence of antibodies in the university's faculty, staff, and students changes over time.
  • To Arkansas and beyond: The information being collected from this antibody test is providing new insights to virus immunity for communities and governments. The test received Emergency-Use Authorization from the FDA in May and has since been approved for further use in Europe.

The fight against COVID-19 is happening right in our backyard. Read more about the study being carried out by these NWA partners HERE.

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