Downtown Springdale Continues Growth

February 26, 2021


Downtown Springdale Continues Growth

NWA Daily (Downtown Springdale)

Despite many disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Downtown Springdale Alliance reported an "unprecedented" year for the city that "never slowed down."

  • On Tuesday, Executive Director Jill Dabbs presented the Alliance's annual report to the city council, reporting 28 new, developing and growing businesses in the Springdale's central district last year.
  • The city contracts with the group for $50,000 a year to provide efforts that support the revitalization growth of Springdale's downtown district. In addition, the Alliance works with a $3 million per year budget. Any additional funds come from sponsorships and ticket revenue from events.
  • The Alliance's largely-successful Outdoor Dining District was a huge hit, serving 10,000 to-go drinks in the first five months. Among the 28 new businesses, 13 are bars and restaurants, which also reported an increase in business.
  • Additionally, despite having to cancel all events last fall, the Alliance reported a total of 5,000 people attending the four events held in 2020. Onwards and upwards, Springdale! -NWA Democrat Gazette

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