Drumming Up a Business

May 29, 2021

Music & Arts

Drumming Up a Business

Buffalo Drum Co

The sound of a custom, handmade drum built with Ozark hardwoods might be the most pure sound around - or at least that is what founders Zach Coger and Darian Paige believe.

  • Buffalo Drum Co is a local small business based in Fayetteville that builds, repairs, and restores drums. Buffalo drums are constructed with 24 beveled staves of Ozark hardwoods — maple, walnut, cherry and oak — in the manner of a bucket or a banjo
  • Quote: “I was shocked he could do that with scraps of wood." Using native hardwoods and crafting the instrument from scratch is truly impressive. Watch the mesmerizing process of building a snare drum HERE.

You can learn more about this awesome business tucked away in Fayetteville by checking out its FB page or IG.

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