Early Voting For Primary Elections Begins Today

May 10, 2022


Early Voting For Primary Elections Begins Today

NWA Daily

We wrote on Friday about the Primary Elections, and we’re writing about them again today because today is the day early voting starts!

  • Electing leaders: Typically, the Primaries have lower voter turnouts, but we all can change that this year and be involved in shaping our region politically. Arkansas Democrat-Gazette has put together a voter guide that includes information about each Arkansas candidate. 
  • Vote and ride: According to recent numbers, just 15% of Arkansas vote in the May Primaries where around 85% of races are actually decided, according to Common Ground Arkansas. You can learn more about early voting locations, what you need to bring, and see a sample ballot based off your residence here.

Early voting opens today, May 9, and Primary Election Day is May 24.

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