Experience More Art this February at The Momentary

February 2, 2021

Arts & Entertainment

Experience More Art this February at The Momentary

NWA Daily

Starting on February 13, The Momentary will be featuring three new art exhibitions for you to cross off your list. LA-based artist Sarah Cain and New York-based artists Derrick Adams and Diana Al-Hadid will showcase a variety of different works in three solo exhibitions.

  • Sarah Cain: In Nature (Feb. 13 - May 30) Cains' exhibit focuses on formal observations from nature inspired by her experienced in quarantine, and features works on canvas, functional floor paintings, sculpture, and a stained-glass window.
  • Derrick Adams: Sanctuary (Feb. 20 - June 6) This exhibits serves to reimagine safe destinations for the Black American traveler during the Jim Crowe era, featuring mixed-media collage and sculpture.
  • Diana Al-Hadid: Ash in the Trade Winds (Feb. 27 - June 13) Hadid's eye-catching sculpture work highlights her process of layering pigments on to classical and contemporary materials, including bronze, plaster, fiberglass, and polymer gypsum. -The Momentary

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