Explore Eden Highlights Riverside Hideaway Campsite

March 4, 2022

Sponsored by Explore Eden

Explore Eden Highlights Riverside Hideaway Campsite

Explore Eden

How many of you are thinking about camping as spring approaches? How does a 60-acre private camping experience sound? 

  • A+ camping: Through Explore Eden, a local service that connects campers with private landowners, you can have that exclusive, middle-of-nowhere experience. This 60-acre campsite is called Riverside Hideaway, and it’s right next to the Illinois River under giant oak and ash trees. 
  • Look around: On the site, there’s a waterfall, hiking trails, canoes by the river, and plenty more to explore. Make sure to check out “Mini Hawksbill Crag” — a rocky outcropping. You can book Riverside Hideaway through the Explore Eden app on the Android and Apple app stores. 

See more of the exclusive campsites like Riverside Hideaway when you download the app HERE.

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