Famous Hardware

May 19, 2021

Arts & Culture

Famous Hardware

Downtown Springdale Alliance

Thanks to the Tyson Family Foundation, a new art installation is on display in a unique style through the windows of the Famous Hardware building in downtown Springdale.

  • Hard facts: Downtown Springdale Alliance curated its second downtown installation. Viewers will see musical instruments crafted entirely from wood, a twelve-foot tall sculpture, and a device constructed out of hardware store components. 
  • The artists: Mike Rea, from Chicago, explores pop culture through large sculptures, installations, and performances constructed from wood. Hailing from Jersey City, Albert Pedulla's work ranges from sculptures and installations to experimental photographic practices.

The installation is located at 113 West Emma Avenue and will be around town from May 8-July 23. The event is FREE to the public. Read more about the exhibit HERE.

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