Fayetteville Bars Sue over COVID-19 Curfew Restrictions

January 9, 2021


Fayetteville Bars Sue over COVID-19 Curfew Restrictions

Bill Oxford

More than a dozen business owners in Fayetteville are suing the Arkansas Department of Health for ordering bars to "prematurely" be closed at 11pm.

  • The lawsuit states that the businesses are losing a significant amount of money, closing 2 to 3 hours ahead of schedule.
  • Aaron Schauer, owner of The Piano Bar in Fayetteville, says the suit isn't just about a free pass to party, its necessary for them to pay their bills. -4029 News
  • Bars included in the lawsuit: The Amendment, Boar's Nest BBQ, Bugsy's, Buster Bellys, C4, Cannibal & Craft, Crossroads Tavern, Kingfish, Los Bobos, Maxine's Taproom, On the Mark, The Piano Bar, Pinpoint, Ryleighs, Shotz, Sideways, Smoke & Barrel, Speakeasy, Stir, Van and Company, West End, Yee-Hawg.
  • The Arkansas Department of Health and Arkansas Alcohol Beverage Control Board have not commented at this time.

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