Fayetteville Farm Returns To Feed Community

March 30, 2022

Agriculture & Community

Fayetteville Farm Returns To Feed Community

Binyamin Mellish

Cobblestone Farms in Fayetteville is back and regenerating after going dormant due to the pandemic. 

  • The production: Cobblestone Farms is a nonprofit with 25-acres. The farm has greenhouses, hoop houses, and farm fields for raising produce, livestock, and soon poultry. It runs primarily off donations and it donates a majority of what it produces to organizations such as the NWA Food Bank. 
  • The mission: Cobblestone Farms aims to fight hunger while also sustainably providing accessibility to fresh, local, and nutritionally dense food to all community members. Cobblestone Farms will be participating in NWA Gives next week. There will also be opportunity to volunteer at the farm this summer. 

Listen to KUAF’s story on Cobblestone Farms HERE

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