Fayetteville Parks Budget Decreases

November 13, 2020


Fayetteville Parks Budget Decreases

City of Fayetteville's park budget reduced for 2021 by $700,000

  • Info - "The proposed Parks Department budget is $5.5 million, about $700,000 less than the $6.2 million budgeted this year.
  • "A large part of the revenue for parks comes from half the city’s 2% hotel, motel and restaurant sales tax. The other half goes to tourism.
    That sales tax revenue for parks has dropped about $529,000 so far this year, according to the department. From January to September, the Parks Department garnered about $2.2 million. It received about $2.7 million for the time period last year." - NWA Democrat Gazette
  • Deep Dive - Events for the City of Fayetteville can be found HERE

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