Fayetteville Police Chief Receives MLK Brotherhood Award

January 28, 2021


Fayetteville Police Chief Receives MLK Brotherhood Award

During last week's City Council meeting, Fayetteville Police Chief Mike Reynolds received the annual Martin Luther King Brotherhood Award for his leadership in handling the peaceful protests in Fayetteville this past summer.

  • The award is given to a city employee that embodies Dr. King’s dream of equality, justice and brotherhood.
  • Last summer, after a protest in downtown Bentonville ended in vandalism and violence, Chief Reynolds decided that would not be the case in Fayetteville.
  • According to City Attorney Kit Williams, not a single allegation of police misconduct presented to the federal courts have been found valid over the last 20 years.
  • “I truly believe that Dr. King would be smiling down from the mountaintop upon Chief Reynolds, our police officers and all of those peaceful protesters," Williams said. -Fayetteville Flyer

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