Fayetteville Public TV Spotlight

December 16, 2021


Fayetteville Public TV Spotlight

NWA Daily

On his podcast, I Am Northwest Arkansas, Randy Wilburn talks to Dan Robinson from Fayetteville Public Television (FPTV) about the opportunities that exist for anyone in NWA to get involved in the world of video and TV. 

  • Resource: You are closer to that world than you might think. FPTV offers video production classes, video production equipment you can check out and use, and you can submit video for telecast. 
  • Show biz: FPTV is a window into NWA culture with the show Later with Jason Suel on Fox 24 depicting local everything from music, to business, to art, you name it. Everything that is aired on TV is also accessible on youtube

Click HERE to listen to Randy and Dan’s conversation. 

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