Fayetteville's Landlord Representative Registry Deadline

April 29, 2021


Fayetteville's Landlord Representative Registry Deadline

NWA Daily

In August, Fayetteville City Counsel unanimously approved an ordinance that requires landlords with more than two long term rental properties to register in a public city database. The deadline to register is tomorrow (April 30)

  • The issue: The registry is intended to be a publicly accessible portal for tenants to inquire about properties and/or address issues more quickly and efficiently, and to provide a point of contact for properties.
  • Short term: Additionally, in April, the Fayetteville City Counsel approved an ordinance to regulate short term rentals like Airbnbs. These individuals too must also register, but their deadline is not yet set.

There is no fee associated with the registration, and you can register HERE.

Still have questions? You can listen to the full report HERE.

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