Fayetteville's Turning Green

February 19, 2021

Local Government

Fayetteville's Turning Green

NWA Daily

Fayetteville City Council has adopted new regulations for electric vehicle charging stations to be made publicly available on private property. Regulations require car chargers to be a level 2 charger, have a minimum 30 amps on a 240-volt circuit, and be connected to a network that allows users to find them on a cellphone. -KUAF

  • One of Fayetteville's main energy action goals is to reduce carbon emissions caused by fossil fuels, and encouraging the use of electric vehicles is a "pretty effective strategy" said Fayetteville's Environmental Director Peter Nierengarten. Previously, the city had no regulations or guidance concerning charging stations "...we basically spelled out what those requirements needed to be" said Nierengarten.
  • Fayetteville is also working to install charging stations in public areas such as parks and downtown parking lots.
  • Beyond vehicle emission goals, the city is focusing clean energy, waste reduction and building energy usage. In 2019, Fayetteville broke ground on a 10-megawatt solar array that helped move the city's footprint of about 16 percent clean energy supply to 72 percent clean energy supply.
  • So, what is next? Nieregarten said the city is also looking to increase the number of trees planted and convert to more energy-efficient lighting.

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