Fayetteville Star Stuns on American Idol

March 16, 2021


Fayetteville Star Stuns on American Idol

Fayetteville local Madison Watkins stunned on American Idol Sunday night, earning a ticket to Hollywood and a chance at the legendary title. If the name sounds familiar, its because Watkins also appeared on Season 11 of America's Got Talent.

  • The 25-year-old moved to Los Angeles a few years ago to pursue her dreams of becoming a singer - she said she is excited for her friends, family and fans back in Arkansas to watch her on national television.

  • On Sunday, Watkins performed a song titled "Your Little Girl", written about her father. Judges called Watkins "the whole package" and unanimously sent her on her way to Hollywood, where she will continue to compete for the title of American Idol.

  • Watch the full story HERE.

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