Fayetteville Startup Launches Auto Repair App

February 12, 2021


Fayetteville Startup Launches Auto Repair App

Obiigo, a Fayetteville-based startup company, just launched an app which allows users to receive bids for vehicle maintenance and repairs from independent automotive shops in the area.

  • Obiigo is 1st automotive repair bidding app built by customers, for customers. Their vision is to level the playing field for consumers and independent shop owners. -Obiigo
  • How it works: Users can enter their vehicle information and service request or fault code into the app, and participating shops offer bids within 30 minutes. The app will then link to a Bluetooth device that reads the fault codes. After receiving a bid from a local shop owner, users select where want to complete the repair.-Talk Business & Politics
  • Win-Win: “The real genesis is we’re trying to bring the repair facilities and the car owners together so that they can work in unison,” said CEO John Harmon.
  • The company is quickly growing - Obiigo has participating shops in NWA, Houston and Phoenix and Little Rock shops are in the works. Within 30 days of launch, Harmon expects to have more than 50 participating shops.

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