Feature: Heirloom at 1907

December 18, 2021

Restaurant News

Feature: Heirloom at 1907

Heirloom at 1907

Have you heard of the practically hidden restaurant within the 1907 building in Rogers? 

  • Fine dining: It’s called Heirloom, and you can find it “near the hand holding the guiding light.” It is a 20 seat restaurant that serves a multi-course prefix dinner to reservations only. Reservation slots a month ahead open at 11a on the 15th of every month. 
  • Plan ahead: Due to popular demand and 2020 cancellations getting first dibs on January, you’ll have to join a waitlist (which is used frequently) for this next month. As 2022 progresses, the Heirloom staff says availability will increase. 

For more about Heirloom, click HERE

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