Film Festival Tickets Available And Titles Released

February 8, 2022


Film Festival Tickets Available And Titles Released

NWA Daily

The film scene in Northwest Arkansas is growing steadily as Film Festivals become bigger, better, and more inclusive. 

  • Rogers: Tickets for the Rogers Short Film Festival in one month are now available at the Victory Theatre. The regular film submission deadline is today, and the extended deadline is Feb. 21. There will be a VIP lounge, networking breakfast, happy hour, and awards party all at different local Rogers businesses throughout the festival. 
  • Fayetteville: The titles for the Feb. 25 Fayetteville Film Fest have been released. The titles of the 5 films are preceded by their run times, type, director, and a synopsis of the story. Tickets are still available to purchase. 

For more information about the Rogers Short Film Festival, click HERE. For more information about Fayetteville Film Fest, click HERE

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