Fine Dining

June 18, 2021

Restaurant News

Fine Dining

NWA Daily

The resilience of people in Northwest Arkansas - especially in the restaurant business is impressive. The past 18 months were not the easiest time to open a restaurant, but there are 20 new restaurants and food trucks that took on that challenge.

  • Something for everyone: From Bella Vista to Fayetteville, these new restaurants offer a variety of excellent food that you've just got to try for yourself. There's Korean food, BBQ, tacos, veggies...if you want it, a place on the list has it! Each of these local restaurants has something unique about what they're serving the community.
  • From experience: One on the list we've personally enjoyed is the HUB Bike Lounge in Bentonville.

If you've been trying to find a new spot, you can check out the 20 new restaurants HERE.

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