Fine Tuned

May 19, 2021

Arts & Culture

Fine Tuned

Northwest Arkansas Council

Local artist and creativity hub, CACHE, has partnered with hip-hop artist and West Coast rapper Murs to launch Groundwaves(AR), a hip-hop open mic program in NWA.

  • Tell me more: The Groundwaves originated in Colorado in conjunction with the Music District, and with the help of Tyson Family Foundation, the program was able to expand here.
  • The free six-month NWA program will develop, support, and amplify the region's music scene through performance and mentorship opportunities. Groundwaves(AR) had its first program last night, and it runs through October 20.

If you're looking to fine tune your hip-hop skills and get some realtime feedback, this is for you. You can find the list of events and register HERE.

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