Five Of The Best Fall Hikes In NWA

September 30, 2022


Five Of The Best Fall Hikes In NWA

NWA Daily

There are few places in the world that rival the beauty of the Ozark National Forest in the fall. Here to help you explore some of the region’s coolest outdoor areas in all their autumn glory, 37 North Expeditions helped us put together five of the best hikes in NWA to see this fall

  • When to go: The leaves tend to change across the Ozark region during the latter half of October, though the weather can largely affect when the leaves change and how long they will remain on the trees before falling. All that to say… there’s your excuse to go hiking as many times as you can this season so you don’t miss the perfect day! 
  • Better with a guide: 37 North Expeditions curates outdoor experiences that blend social interactions, physical activity, and outdoor education. You can check out their pre-scheduled trip offerings on their website or contact them to schedule a private outdoor experience. 

Check out the full list of hikes HERE

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