Five Years and $10.8M Later

April 8, 2021


Five Years and $10.8M Later

NWA Daily

Yesterday, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and research department at the University of Arkansas announced the U of A received a five-year grant of $10.8 million to the University of Arkansas and UAMS to "address the role of cell and tissue metabolism in rare and common diseases" and disorders.

  • The funds will help establish the Arkansas Integrative Metabolic Research Center as a certified center for biomedical research led by folks with several letters behind their names.

  • Why is this important? "Explaining the complex relationships between metabolism and different disease states by using established bioenergetics assays, advanced label-free imaging technology and cutting-edge data-science approaches can help establish new treatment approaches for a variety of diseases." University of Arkansas Research

  • Developments by the Center will theoretically expand economic opportunities in Arkansas by building networks with local technology companies in the region, providing biotech companies in NWA, and inspiring others.

The full story can be found HERE.

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