For Those Who Applied Themselves in College

March 27, 2021


For Those Who Applied Themselves in College

A Fayetteville based startup, MORE Technologies, founded by four University of Arkansas students recently sold their IP and technology to Sphero, a technology firm out of Colorado

  • MORE Technology (Modular Open-source Robotics Ecosystem) was founded by Canon Reeves 3 years ago when he was a U of A undergrad in computer science. So, what does MORE do? They specialize in the sale of 3-D printable assembly robots for kids.

  • Founded out of Startup Weekend in 2018, hosted by Startup Junkie, Reeves and his two future partners, over the course of 48 hours, "formed a team, pitched ideas, hammer out a business plan and built a prototype robot, then presented their proposal." They won.

  • Over the next 7 days, 75 orders were submitted and MORE Technologies was formed. "We sold kits to over 23 countries and 25 states. We have a 3-D print farm of 12 3-D printers that we run around the clock to product our parts," says Reeves. University of Arkansas

  • Supposedly the technology will be used for "injection molds in China to manufacture parts for the kits" enabling Sphero to scale with size.

You can read the full story HERE

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