Getting in Gear

June 25, 2021


Getting in Gear

NWA Daily

NWA is pedaling its way to the top of the national, and even worldwide, leaderboard of bike-friendly cities. In recent months, NWA businesses and residents have been spinning some wheels.

  • Across the board: Fayetteville, Springdale, Bentonville, and Siloam Springs each ranked in the top three in the National Bike Month Challenge. With a combined 202,396 miles, they logged enough distance to pedal across the U.S. and back 33 times.
  • Too many to count: The region is quickly becoming a destination for riders across the world. NWA is hosting a few summits throughout the year for bikers of all ages and demographics, and businesses in the region are making it the norm to bike to work rather than drive.

Gears are shifting in NWA. Find out more about how the area is welcoming cycling as a part its culture HERE.

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