"Give the People What They Want"

March 19, 2021


"Give the People What They Want"

NWA Daily (Downtown Bentonville)

Bikeways and walkways: On Tuesday, The Bentonville Planning Commission unanimously approved the City's bike and pedestrian plan, which lays out a network of low-stress bikeways and walkways that will establish a connected network of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure with access to community destinations.

  • The City was intentional in not creating and approving a plan that would interfere with the master street plans. "We wanted to create a document that citizens want," said David Wright, Parks and Recreation Director.

  • Connecting Bentonville by bikeways and walkways will employ strategies to promote safety and connectivity for pedestrian use within the city. It will also serve as a resource and guide for the implementation of local bicycle and pedestrian projects to advance the plan's vision. -NWA Democrat-Gazette

  • One major goal is to create a loop trail system that would span up to 30 to 35 miles in the city, Wright said.

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