Going All In

June 30, 2021


Going All In

All in for Josh

Josh Fohner, Springdale native, University of Arkansas alum & Navy veteran, is on the ride of his life, biking from Colorado to Arkansas.

  • His story: Riding from Buena Vista, CO where he was in a cycling accident in 2016, to his hometown in Springdale, he'll be finishing the final stretch of 908 mile All in Tour in Downtown Springdale this Thursday!
  • After party: Join Josh and team at noon in Shiloh Square to cheer him on and treat yourself to free BBQ and live music before he makes his way to the finish line at Lewis and Clark Outfitters in Springdale.

If you haven't been keeping up with his journey back to Arkansas, you should check it out on his IG. You can find more about Josh's journey here - I'm not crying, you are.

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