Going, Going, Green

July 1, 2021


Going, Going, Green

Boston Mountain Solid Waste Management

Reducing trash AND costs sounds like a win-win. The Benton County and Boston Mountain Solid Waste District are offering free waste audits to businesses around NWA.

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle: For partnering businesses, Boston Mountain will record what kinds of materials the businesses dispose of and provide solutions for reducing that waste and converting it to recycling. The audits are part of a larger goal to grow NWA's recycling systems and in turn decrease trash bills for local businesses.
  • Quote: “Providing waste audits to businesses in our area is a crucial step in reducing waste, finding cost savings, and connecting businesses to more sustainable disposal options that suit their needs."

Find out more about this large scale initiative to make the northwest quadrant of the Natural State even more natural HERE.

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